2021 Virtual AGM

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Our 2021 AGM will again be virtual on the HCLPOA website until July 12. Please ask any questions that you would ask at an AGM. Appropriate Executive members will respond.

Following is a list of Association members who have agreed to let their names stand for the 2022 Executive. If you have other nominations, or if you have objections to the slate, please advise Catherine Lane at: jrlclane@gmail.com by July 10.

President: Catherine Lane

Secretary: Glenda Baker

Treasurer: Doug Rutherford

Roads: Tom Dewey, Bill See

Water Steward: Robert Paul

Dock Rep: Tom Greenis

Members -at -Large: Neil Maxwell, Sil Jacobs

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  1. Neil

    If you have questions, please post here

    1. Alice Broughton

      Thanks for the annual update and arranging the online AGM. Our cottage was sprayed to remove the gypsy moths. Since I understand the moths don’t travel much, is it expected the spraying will be effective for keeping the numbers down next year? Thanks for the commitment and hard work of the Executive.

  2. James O'Shaughnessy

    I am wondering if there are any organized dates I (or all) can participate in road access maintenance or otherwise?

  3. Bill See

    Hi James!
    It’s Bill See here. We don’t have organized dates for road mtce, etc. We are all volunteers on the association executive and time is very limited. The property owners are free to do any brushing along the cottage roads…..the Winding Trail property owners have done a lot of work in the past couple of years and have made a great difference in that road. We have graded all roads and gravelling/grading will follow soon. We are also having the roads brushed using a “Bush Hog” in the near future. This will give us a cut area along both sides of each road. The worst section of Winding Trail is from the barn into Reed’s cottage and this should help greatly. We may not be able afford this each year so any work the cottagers can do will help greatly. We are waiting for the contractor to get these projects done.

  4. Bill See

    EMail was sent directly to James July 7/21

  5. viva

    I am member of HCLPOA …
    s it possible to get meal addresses of all the members?
    It will be nice to communicate with each other who needed…..

    1. Glenda Baker

      Hi Viva,
      You can find HCLPOA executive members contact information on the last page of our yearly newsletter.
      Hope this helps.

  6. Geoff Michie

    Can anything be done about the number of rafts that are now well out into the lake? Especially when individuals are then swimming into the boat channels, further creating a safety issue. Is the only solution to call the OPP?

  7. Neil

    Hi Alice, Thanks for the question. Yes, the spraying seemed to work very well– we’ve had lots of cottagers report that the spraying dramatically reduced the number of caterpillars. Sadly, the outbreak is affecting many parts of the province and shows no signs of abating. And there are a number of male moths flying around already. So we do expect to need spraying next year. This winter, Zimmer will be contacting those who sprayed this year to see if they want to spray in 2022.

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