2022 Gypsy moth spraying

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Hello Horseshoe/Crotch Lakes Property Owners!

Almost all of you contracted with Zimmer Air Services Inc. to spray for gypsy moths in 2021, and we’ve heard many stories of how effective it worked!

They will again be spraying our properties in 2022. They have started another company that will administer the spray programs in Ontario and Quebec. This company is staffed by the same Zimmer employees that managed the programs in spring 2021. The new company is called the Ontario Centre for Forest Defoliator Control (OCFDC). If interested in having your property sprayed in 2022 you need to find the online application on their website: https:// www.ocfdc.com/. On the front page will be the Application Form link button. You will be asked if your property was sprayed in 2021 and when you say “yes” Zimmer will be prompted to check the site mapping, invoices, etc. that are on file for each property owner. If you are a new applicant you just need to fill the form completely. The deadline is March 1st, 2022

Costs will be a bit higher than last year due to inflation. $368 for the first acre and $99 for each additional acre.

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