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If you have any questions or comments on any Association related matter, including list of nominees, please comment on this post. We will add our response.

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  1. Neil

    Good information! I would only add that having a good system of lakes is also important from an investment point of view, taking good care of the lakes and wild life it supports is a benefit to everyone. Malcolm

  2. Neil


    I certainly appreciate the new signage at the boat launch. Hopefully it will help keep the boat population down on the lake.

    Does the OPP have access to our lake by using the boat launch? Just curious

  3. Neil

    Hi Ralph,

    The boat launch is privately owned and is for paying HCLPOA members to use.


  4. Glenda

    Welcome all to our virtual AGM. As indicated in the Newsletter, between July 19 and July 24 we are posting on our website for your information, the reports that we would normally have provided at the AGM. Please feel free to pose questions /comments relating to these as you might have at the AGM and the appropriate member of your Executive will respond.
    If you have other issues you would like to raise, please do so during this virtual AGM on-line period. You can do so by using the contact form on the website.
    Also posted on the website are the nominees for the HCLPOA Cottage Association Executive positions. If anyone has any objection to the nominees or wishes to add a nomination, please indicate. Otherwise the names will be read in as being elected.
    I know there is great concern amongst our members about the terrible caterpillar invasion we have had and the destruction they have wrought to our trees. Not sure what the Association can do about prevention for next year but we are looking into options, which could include helping to organize spraying.
    You would be surprised if I let this opportunity pass without asking/pleading with/exhorting those of you who haven’t paid your dues to please do so. We realize that these are not easy times financially for some and you may not be able to pay this year. But for those who can and may be just delaying or have forgotten, please do so as our normal Association responsibilities have to carry on. Plus we have made it easier this year as e-payment is an option via the Website.
    On that same subject, Executive members will be going/ have been around distributing one of the signs Sil Jacobs has generously donated her time to make, to each of you who have paid your dues, to indicate that you are a member in good standing of HCLPOA. If you have not received a sign by the end of the August long weekend,, please contact Sil at: or myself at and we will get one to you.
    And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to your Executive members for their work for the Association over the past year.

  5. Glenda


    Catherine Lane-President
    Treasurer-Doug Rutherford
    Secretary-Glenda Baker
    Roads-Bill See
    Tom Dewey
    Lake Steward-Robert Paul
    Boat Launch-Tom Greenis
    Members at Large- Neil Maxwell
    Sil Jacobs

  6. Glenda

    AGM Minutes JULY 6, 2019

    Welcome and Introductions Catherine
    Members from both lakes and river present and most roads; 35 in all

    Review of follow-ups from 2018 AGM Catherine
    Fact sheet re benefits of membership in the Association is in newsletter
    No fee increase with explanation in newsletter
    Signage put up at boat launch indicating is private
    Decided against using recycled asphalt on roads as per explanation in newsletter

    Reports: President- Catherine Lane
    Thanked the Association Executive members for all the work they do on our behalf
    Thanked all who pay their Association fees
    Reminded about brush cutting especially Winding Trail

    Treasurer Doug Rutherford provided a handout outlining our current financial position
    Percentage of membership fees received is approx. 70%
    Thank you to Bill and Lynne for all their hard work updating addresses and bank deposits

    Secretary-Glenda Baker

    Roads-Tom Dewey and Bill See
    The crushed granite is staying on the roads and it looks better
    Culverts are in good shape
    This year’s Road allowance will be spent on grading and granite gravel
    Brushing to take place on Winding Trail and Horseshoe Lake Lane
    Pot holes keep reappearing

    Water Steward- Robert Paul
    Horseshoe and Crotch Lakes water is good and clean. Otter sitting is a good thing.
    There are zebra mussels in neighbouring lakes; Big Clear and Sharbot
    It’s important to keep boats clean and check for invasive species before launching your boat into Horseshoe and Crotch Lakes

    Dock Rep- Tom Greenis
    The dock at the boat launch had ice damage this year and some repairs were required
    Going to try and get dock higher out of water this fall

    Flotilla: Neil Maxwell
    Our 2019 Flotilla was fun and successful this year, despite not as many boats this year
    The date and time for 2020 Flotilla may change: Saturday vs Sunday suggested
    The future of Flotilla will be discussed this year

    Remarks from Mayor Frances Smith
    The Official Plan, Draft #2 will be discussed at three open houses at the Ompah Community Hall; July 31, Aug 7, and Aug 14
    Central Frontenac has a new building inspector (he was previously a builder)
    Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) is a 213-Million-dollar project regarding the need for effective, faster Internet and cell phone coverage in Eastern Ontario
    Please use our Libraries
    There are limited funds to fix roads. Road crews are currently working on pot holes and are behind in patching. The township is looking into the possibility of Micro Surfacing. There is also a opening for a Public Works Supervisor
    A member raised a concern about Medical Service and geographic boundaries; the mayor agreed to look into the matter.

    Membership Dues
    Possible signage to id “Members in Good Standing” Sil Jacobs
    Signage will identify HCLPOA members who pay their dues
    Plaques will promote ownership and pride
    Each wooden plaque will have an identifier for current year dues paid.
    Prototype for signage was presented by Sil Jacobs. Each wooden plaque will have an emblem and an option of colours is available
    There will be a minimal labour cost to the Association for each sign of $4; for materials only as Sil is providing labour
    Response from members very positive
    Other suggestions re encouraging payment: in newsletter say where and how can pay; use the website; signage on roads to show what Association does eg “this road maintained by HCLPOA. Have you paid your dues?”

    Info re FOCA Catherine
    FOCA insurance provides liability coverage
    Access to FOCA newsletter
    Provides educating information to members of cottage associations

    Info re Watersheds
    Canada/Quinte Conservation Natural Edge Programme ( or call 613 264-1244) Catherine
    Natural Edge is a program that has skilled people who will access, plan and plant waterfront property at the waterline

    Early Bird Draw Winner Doug
    Congratulations to Tim and Wendy White; they won a free membership for one year

    Elections: No new nominations were presented. The following positions will continue to be held by:
    President: Catherine Lane
    Secretary: Glenda Baker
    Treasurer: Doug Rutherford
    Water Steward: Robert Paul
    Roads: Bill See, Tom Dewey
    Dock Rep: Tom Greenis
    Members at large: Neil Maxwell
    Sil Jacobs

    Remarks from (Councillor Cindy Kelsey could not attend) and Councillor Tom Dewey
    Mandatory Re-Inspection for Septic Systems; Cost to property owner is $100.00. Please do not pump tank prior to inspection and locate septic tank lid. Eagle/Crow/Silver Lakes are slated for inspection this year; 280 notices were sent to property owners. Horseshoe and Crotch Lakes are slated to be inspected in 3 to 4 years’ time. There are a lot of septic infractions in Central Frontenac that need to be addressed.
    Waste sites are filling up fast and the Province is not accepting new sites. Osso Waste site will be closed in the future and there is less than 30 years left for Olden Waste site.

    Other business; None presented

    Upcoming events: Arden Happy Gang Bake Sale and Craft Show, July 27

    Meeting Adjourned

    Barbeque followed

  7. Glenda

    Financial Report from Doug Rutherford
    We are pleased to offer a new payment option through the new Association website. If you prefer to pay with an alternate method you now can pay with a credit card, just visit our website at
    It is an easy process, on the right side of the home page click on Pay Online and it will walk you though the information required.
    But of course, we still take payment by cheque or cash.
    In these uncertain times it is our hope that you can continue to support our Association, we cannot do it without you!

    Stay safe,

    Membership Fees Received in 2019 11,575.00
    Private Donation 200.00
    Total Income for 2019 11,775.00

    General Liability Insurance 1,488.24
    FOCA Membership 510.00
    Office Supplies 109.59
    Postage 165.71
    Printing 348.93
    Road Maintenance 2214.80
    Boat Launch 212.17
    Boat Launch Signage 74.42
    Property Taxes (Boat Launch) 829.86
    BBQ and AGM 220.90
    Bank Service Charge 7.00
    Membership Signs 550.00
    Total Expenses for 2019 6731.62

    Net Income 5043.38

    Chequing account balance as of December 31, 2019 4962.37
    GIC 14,657.71

  8. Glenda

    ROADS REPORT Tom Dewey and Bill See

    We don’t anticipate any problems with the roads this year. We will still have culverts to replace
    as they rust out, but the problem culverts have been replaced. We couldn’t gravel any roads last
    year because the crushed stone was not available. We will gravel/grade as much as we can
    afford this season. We graded all roads last fall, and this helped.
    Brush is still a major problem along most roads. The cottagers on Winding Trail did a great job
    brushing their road but didn’t brush high enough for a dump truck to unload. We are planning
    to use smaller 1 Ton trucks to add gravel this year……they pay their dues each year but the
    brush has stopped the trucks from getting in.
    There is still a concern that emergency vehicles won’t go in some of the roads because of the
    brush. We need more road brushing!
    Our road signage is complete. We replaced the sign that was stolen from Crotch Lake
    Trail…. very costly! The sign at the boat launch has made a few outsiders think twice. Our launch
    is not a public access and you must be a property owner in the subdivision or be an association
    member in good standing to have use of the launch. There are cottages on the lakes that are
    not part of the subdivision so these people need to be association members in good standing.

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