Gypsy Moth Spraying 2021 Update

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We are pleased to inform you that Zimmer Air has completed the Gypsy Moth spray program for the HCLPOA area. Zimmer Air sprayed our area June 10th and June 13th 2021. Hooray!!

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  1. Luc

    Hooray indeed! I discovered I’m highly sensitive to the hairs of the caterpillars. Had red blotches all over my body. Allergic reaction. Itchy all over. Hopefully this works… Thanks for the update!

  2. Elizabeth Doran

    I hope they sprayed soon enough. They were big and horrible the weekend of june 5 and 6 on crotch lake. I have read that the BTK needs to be applied just as they are emerging? We thought they would be spraying at least a week earlier than many trees already bare, and family members with quite severe reactions from the evil things.

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