It’s AGM Time!

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It’s AGM Time HCLPOA Members!  Our first as a NEW Not-For-Profit corporation!

Our 2023 Annual General Meeting is Saturday, July 22nd 2023 at 10:00 AM at the Boat Launch. Rain Date is Sunday, July 23, same time and place.

We look forward to reporting on all the exciting work that has been going on over the last year to keep our little piece of paradise safe and accessible.

  • New signs, road and boat launch maintenance, the pursuit of a certain purchase, invasive species and water quality watch and Special Guest Speakers… there’s lots to report on.
  • Bring your own chair.
  • You must be a member in good standing to vote on issues important to the community.
  • Dues can be paid online at HCLPOA.CA  – – Still $85 for 2023.
  • Pick up your 2023 sticker (or sign as necessary) at the AGM
  • And there will be a PRIZE for one lucky member. Robert Paul has generously donated a hand-crafted sign. It will be awarded at the end of the meeting.
  • For those HCLPOA Members in good standing who create beautiful, useful things… an area to display and sell your craft work will be made available at this year’s AGM to sell your items. **AGM – Saturday, July 22nd at 10:00 AM at the boat launch.** Bring your own display table or work out your vehicle. (Angle Parking on Horseshoe Lane Only.) (Note: the HCLPOA is only making space available and does not directly endorse or indemnify any products sold through this private sale opportunity.)

And a couple of important notifications we wanted to provide to members….

The first concerns elections to the HCLPOA Executive for the 2023-24 year.  Your current Executive is proposing the following slate:

President:              Dave Sparrow

Treasurer:               Doug Rutherford

Secretary:              Vacant

Roads:                    Robert Paul

Dock Rep:              Tom Greenis

Lake Steward:        Robert Paul

Member at large;   Neil Maxwell

Member at large:   Sil Jacobs

Member at Large:  Amanda Groves

You will note that the Secretary position is vacant. We are therefore seeking   nominations for that position. We would also like to fill another member at large position and a youth member at large position and are seeking nominations for those. We encourage members to become engaged in the stewardship of the Association and put their or others’ names forward for these positions, either before the meeting by contacting; Catherine Lane at:

Or at the AGM.

The second notification concerns the need for audited financial statements. Now that the HCLPOA is incorporated as a non profit corporation, there is an  obligation with respect to these that we must meet.  Given that we have less than $500k revenue a year (!) we can agree to waive both an audit and a formal financial review. This is done via an extraordinary members’ resolution, which has to receive 80% agreement from members present at the meeting in order to pass, and must be renewed every year. We are hereby giving notice that we will be asking for such a resolution at our AGM. We will of course provide a financial report at the meeting.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you at the AGM!

Your Executive

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