Welcome all to our virtual AGM. As indicated in the Newsletter, between July 19 and July 24 we are posting  on our website for your information, the reports that we would normally have provided at the AGM. Please feel free to pose questions /comments relating to these as you might have at the AGM and the appropriate member of your Executive will respond.

If you have other issues you would like to raise, please do so during this  virtual AGM on-line period. You can do so by using the contact form on the website.

Also posted on the website are the nominees for the HCLPOA Cottage Association Executive positions. If anyone has any objection to the nominees or wishes to add a nomination, please indicate. Otherwise the names will be read in as being elected.

I know there is great concern amongst our members about the terrible caterpillar invasion we have had and the destruction they have wrought to our trees. Not sure what the Association can do about prevention for next year but we are looking into options, which could include helping to organize spraying.

You would be surprised if I let this opportunity pass without asking/pleading with/exhorting those of you who haven’t paid your dues to please do so. We realize that these are not easy times financially for some and you may not be able to pay this year. But for those who can and may be just delaying or have forgotten, please do so as our normal Association responsibilities have to carry on. Plus we have made it easier this year as e-payment is an option via the Website.

On that same subject, Executive members will be going/ have been around distributing one of the signs Sil Jacobs has generously donated her time to make, to each of you who have paid your dues, to indicate that you are a member in good standing of HCLPOA.  If you have not received a sign by the end of the August long weekend,, please contact Sil at: sntjacobs@aol.com or myself at jrlclane@gmail.com and we will get one to you.

And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to your Executive members for their work for the Association over the past year.

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